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7 Simple Social Media Moves That Work

As always, we are here to help!  We have great Social Media packages, for those of you who do not have time or want or knowledge to deal with it.  For those of you who do your own, here is a great blog by, Allison Fass, with 7 simple moves to help you get the most […]

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4 Ways to Engage Your Followers on Snapchat

As we all know social media is very big these days, and one of the platforms that seems to be very popular is Snapchat.  So we have 4 great ways to engage your followers from, Deep Patel. Thanks!-Carlos Most brands and companies allocate a considerable amount of time to producing content that engages their customers. […]

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11 Absolute Truths of Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a very powerful tool for your business, so much so that it can make or break everything you do.  So we have some rules from, John Lincoln, that you should follow when using social media. Thanks!-Carlos Break these rules and you could lose followers and credibility and hurt your business. As an […]

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6 Worst Social-Media Fails in 2016 — So Far

Social media is a very powerful outlet to get your message across, so you should be very careful what you are putting out there.  Always check and double check before you post!  As you can see with this blog by, Lindsay Friedman, some very well known companies have failed to do their homework this year alone! […]

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