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Your Marketing Is Chasing Customers Away! Here’s Why.

Wondering how you can improve your marketing to reach new customers.  Well here’s a great blog by, Jurgen Appelo, that will help bring your marketing to the 21st century. Let us know how we can help you! Thanks! -Carlos Imagine I sent you this message on LinkedIn: Hi, my name is Jurgen Appelo. I give […]

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5 Content-Marketing Hacks Using Social-Media Data

We know that there are multiple ways of marketing your business.  And choosing which one is not always easy, but who says you have to utilize only one?  Here are some ways where using a couple together can make your marketing so much stronger.  Check out this great blog by, Jon Salm, and see how […]

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The Key to SEO? Know Your Target!

Trying to figure out this whole SEO business?  Well this blog by Michael Marshall, should really help you to understand SEO and how it works!  Check it out, and when you are finished, get with us here at Infinity Marketing and see how we can help you make SEO work for you! Thanks! -Carlos For […]

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Where Is My Search Engine Traffic?

Happy New Year to everyone and Welcome Back!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun night.  So to welcome everyone back we have a blog from Matthew Toren, that goes along with something that we preach a lot about to go along with building your website!  So here are a few tips about SEO and […]

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How to Create a Viral Campaign (Hint: You Can’t)

I thought this was a great piece from contributor Minda Zetlin. She is a business technology writer and speaker, co-author of The Geek Gap, and vice president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Have a great weekend!  -Carlos Whether or not your marketing takes off–and takes on a life of its own–isn’t really up to […]

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