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Burger King Will Let You Swap Unwanted Gifts for a Whopper

3 More Days until Christmas and Burger King is taking advantage of those unwanted gifts to help those who are less fortunate!  Thank you to, Nina Zipkin, for bringing us this blog! Happy Holidays!-Carlos The burger franchise will then donate them to charity. Sometimes, in this season of giving, even the most well-intentioned presents can […]

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5 Business and Life Lessons From ‘A Christmas Carol’

5 Days until Christmas, so we have 5 business and life lessons that can be learned from the “A Christmas Carol”, brought to you by, Nina Zipkin! Happy Holidays!-Carlos Don’t be a Scrooge! A Christmas Carol — the story of the penny-pinching and cruel Ebenezer Scrooge who, thanks to some ghostly intervention, wakes up on […]

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12 Secrets to Supercharging Your Personal Brand

With less than 12 days til Christmas, we have 12 secrets to improving your own personal brand by, The Oracles!  Not only will these tips help you personally, but they will also help your business! Happy Holidays!-Carlos How a powerful personal brand can help your business achieve massive success. Look at anyone who’s crushing it […]

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How to Prepare Your Business to Win Big on Black Friday

Since most of us are on the working side of Black Friday, we want to make sure you are fully prepared.  Here are some tips from, Josh Felber! Good Luck!-Carlos The Thanksgiving shopping experience is all about maximizing profit by selling as many discounted items as possible. There’s no shopping day quite like Black Friday. […]

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What’s on the Menu of This Restaurant’s $50,000 Thanksgiving Dinner?

So this Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t for all of us, but Dan Bova, shows us what is included in this $50,000 Thanksgiving Dinner! Happy Thanksgiving!-Carlos Bust out your solid-gold Pilgrim hat and dig in! Don’t feel like cooking this Thanksgiving? Gothamist reports a holiday meal deal worth considering. New York City landmark The Old Homestead Steakhouse has been […]

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4 Real-World Tricks for a Successful Holiday Season

With all of the Holiday’s right around the corner, we want to make sure you are well prepared.  So we have this great blog by, Stephanie Schomer, with 4 Real-World Tricks to help you get thru successfully! Best of Luck!-Carlos Say goodbye to holiday hassles. Want an edge this holiday? Take road-tested advice from these […]

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See How These 10 Companies Celebrate Halloween

Happy Halloween!  We hope that you have a safe and happy one!  Enjoy this blog by, Nina Zipkin! Enjoy!-Carlos Bring on the costumes, competitions and candy. A great way to bring your staff together and highlight your company’s culture is to create unique office holiday traditions. The weeks leading up to Halloween in particular is […]

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