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Enhancing Your Small Business Brand

I know we talk a lot about branding, and it can be very tricky. So we want to go into a little more depth on what branding really is and how it affects your business!  Check out this great blog by, Amanda Stillwagon! Thanks!-Carlos Your company already has a brand. And it’s not your logo. […]

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The Hidden Power of the Business Card

I’ve been saying for years how important business cards are.  Well now we have a great blog by, Meredith Fineman, showing some of the strengths why you should still use them and what will make yours useful! Now that you are ready to get some business cards, let us know so we can get your cards […]

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What a DJ and a Rapping Cowboy Can Teach You About Branding

Being an entrepreneur myself, I found this blog by, John Brubaker, to be very interesting.  Since my life consists of both music and business, I can relate to the awesome message.  Check it out and see how it can help you and your branding! Enjoy! -Carlos Like entertainers, entrepreneurs are performers too — our office […]

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10 steps to a knockout website

So as we all should know by now, websites are some of the most important tools in the business world.  They are used for just about every aspect of the the business, so the website must be maintained.  The website is so powerful that it can bring in as much new potential as it can […]

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The 3 Best Measures of True Branding Success Are Tough to Quantify

Finding the best way to brand your business isn’t always easy.  But this blog by, Jeremiah Gardner, should lead you in the right direction to figure out your branding success. Thanks! -Carlos In recent years, it has become more and more common for startups and corporations to adopt the lean principles to running their business: […]

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5 Unconventional Ways to Make Your Marketing ‘Stickier’

Looking for the best way to market your product?  Well check out these 5 fun ways that you can do just that and make people remember who you are.  Marketing can and should be fun, so enjoy these unconventional tips from, Jeff Boss. Good Luck! -Carlos So you’ve discovered the next product that’s going to […]

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See The Hidden Meanings Inside 17 Tech Company Logos

So for today we have a fun blog about logo’s from, Jim Edwards.  Check out the fun hidden meanings in these logos, and then see how you can take what you’ve learned and put it into your logo.  Like we have said before, the logo is like a face to your company.  Some people will […]

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5 Secrets to Creating an Impactful Brand

“Branding” is more than just a logo or some colors…It is your business.  Your brand is a reflection of what your business is all about.  So in order to get your brand to where it needs to be, Melanie Spring, has 5 very interesting ways to help you make your brand the best that it can […]

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Is Derby One of The Greatest Marketing Campaigns?

Derby Weekend is only days away, have you taken advantage of all the fun? So, as we all know the Kentucky Derby is a big deal around these parts, but why?  Check out this great blog by, Leah Weisman, and see why she thinks it could be “One of The Greatest Marketing Campaigns!” Thanks! -Carlos How […]

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