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Infographic: The Growth of Mobile Marketing

Happy New Year!  We are glad you are back with us for another amazing year to come!  With that being said, we would like to bring you this great blog by, Christa Howard, explaining how so much of our marketing is moving towards mobile!  You may have seen this movement in 2016, but things are looking to really get going in that direction for 2017!  So let us know how we can help get you ready for that.

Happy New Years!

2016 is in the history books. And with the new year comes compelling evidence that 2017 could be one for the history books as well when it comes to mobile marketing.

In fact, a new report and corresponding infographic from B2C reveals just how much mobile marketing has grown in recent years.

“With more people now getting their hands on mobile devices around the world, and using them to do just about everything — the future truly is focused on mobile,” says report author Zac Johnson.

So just how far has mobile marketing become? Check out the infographic below to find out.


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