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A Guy Just Totally Ruined McDonald’s Holiday Cups With a Simple Drawing

So it’s the holidays and we are all stressed out a bit, so we have this fun little blog from, Stephen J. Bronner, that should help lighten the mood a bit, and teach us something as well.


It’s your latest reminder to consider all of the possibilities.

Whatever it is you’re presenting to the world, whether it’s the name of a business (or school), a new product or new design, you must first look at it from every possible angle. Then, have people you know look at it from every possible angle.

Our latest real-world example of what happens when things go wrong comes from McDonald’s, which introduced this rather innocuous holiday cup a couple of weeks ago:

Seems harmless, right? Well, nothing pure can stay that way once it hits the internet:

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter


Sam Sykes



Now how the hell are Starbucks cups in the news again and no one’s talking about a guy spreading his cheeks open on McDonald’s cups






If you’re like me, now you can’t see the cup how it was originally designed.

It’s a great reminder that we shouldn’t be so quick to bury the child in all of us — or well, maybe have a 14 year old on speed dial as a consultant.

Stephen J. Bronner is news director of Entrepreneur.com. He was formerly contributors editor. Bronner occasionally writes about food and fitness.

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