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5 Halloween Marketing Ideas So Good They’re Scary


















I know this may be a little to late, but if anything you can try next year, or apply it to the other holidays coming up! Great Halloween blog by, Susan Payton!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween marketing ideas mainSeasonal marketing is a fantastic way to keep generating interest in your brand from one holiday to the next. And this month is no exception.

Let these Halloween marketing ideas inspire you to find your own creative ways to spook your customers into buying from you this October!

1. Pimp Your Products Pumpkin-Style

Get your products into the spirit of Halloween in one of two ways: First, if you can customize them to include a Halloween-themed version, you’ll sell more of those right now. If you sell jewelry, you could create a Halloween version: skeleton-inspired earrings or a black-and-orange necklace. If you sell baby onesies, print some with pumpkins. You get the idea.

The other way to give a Halloween air to your products is to take new product photos with Halloween decor around them. Put some spiderwebs in the background or a plastic spider on the product. Get extra campy and have your models dress up like zombies. People will know you don’t take yourself too seriously, and that’s a good thing!

2. Write Halloween-Themed Content

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With people searching topics related to Halloween right now, you can attract more blog traffic by using these themes in your content, much like I did with this post. By using the keyword “Halloween,” you tap into what people are thinking about. If you use that theme to incorporate in your own topic, you’ll engage readers with your creativity.

All your content doesn’t need to be Halloween-themed in October; just pick a few opportunities to use the holiday in your writing.

3. Be the Life Death of the Party

If you run a local shop, make Halloween your excuse to bring the community — and potential customers — together. Host a Halloween party (on or before Halloween) and offer fun activities for every age. Some ideas include :

  • A haunted house
  • Trick or treating
  • Costume contest
  • Free drinks and food

Make sure to collect email addresses so that you have leads you can market to. And as part of your Halloween marketing efforts, give people something to make them come back, such as a high-value coupon for their next visit.

4. Show Your Staff Being Festive

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If you use visual marketing channels like Periscope, Instagram, or Pinterest, leverage this opportunity to let down your hair in a ghoulish way this month. Take photos at your annual costume party to show your followers what fun you have at your company.

Pin pics from around your store or office, showing off your decorations. Sometimes removing the focus from being about your products and putting it on fun instead can expand your relationship with customers.

5. Update Your Social Profiles

Blow the dust off of that Twitter bio picture you haven’t updated in years and inject some spirit into it with a customized Halloween-themed image. Do the same for all your social profiles — just remember to trade them out in November (then change them again for the winter holidays!).

If you’ve got a graphic designer on hand, get different custom images for each site as well as your blog to give people plenty of spooky eye candy.

Get Spooky, Get Sales

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Halloween is an excellent opportunity to connect with customers in a really fun way, as well as boost sales.

Try these strategies, as well as what you come up with on your own, and compare sales to prior months that didn’t involve holiday marketing efforts, and see if you successfully increase sales this month.

Susan Payton
Susan is a freelance writer for Scott’s Marketplace and is the president ofEgg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing and social media firm. She’s written three business books, and blogs about small business on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, The Marketing Eggspert Blog, and Tweak Your Biz. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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