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Month: September 2015

5 Types of Evergreen Content for Your Website

We know that coming up with content for your site can be tricky, so we have some information that could help long term to save you time and resources.  Check out this blog by, Phillip Thune, to gain some valuable knowledge. Thanks!-Carlos In general, two types of successful content exist: Topical content that is relevant now […]

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Blood in the Water

Some may feel like its time to throw in the towel when it comes to their business, but here are some good reason from, Ken Kurson, why that is not the best route you should go in struggling times.  Granted this does not work for everyone, but nothing good will come from quitting. -Carlos In economic […]

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Nude Baristas Are Selling Creamer at This Cafe

How far would you go to promote a new product?  Jill Krasny, has this great article showing us what Nestlé did in New York to introduce one of their new products.  Not all marketing stunts work, but how many products do you remember only because of something so crazy?  Think about it!-Carlos It’s a marketing stunt, […]

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