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Beyond Keywords: Tips for Writing Great Content That Ranks Well in Search

So I know a lot of you are always asking, how can I get to the first page of Google?  Well that is not always easy to do.  But with the help of SEO and having great content, your chances of making the top pages are multiplied.  So check out this great video blog from, Jason Fell, and see what you can do to help bump your site up.

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When it comes to creating a website that people will want to read, and when optimizing said site for search, arguably the most important element is having great content. Google, of course, is constantly changing and improving its algorithm to provide searchers with the most relevant links to the highest quality information.

So how is great content defined? And what should we keep in mind when writing content?

In this video, we speak with Rand Fishkin, founder of Seattle-based online marketing and SEO firm Moz. One part is knowing which keywords that apply to your business and that you want to rank well for. Fishkin says business owners should also keep relationship-building in mind when writing articles and other content.

“A lot of times in SEO … someone will perform a search that’s very informational — not transactional in nature,” Fishkin says. “They’re going to come to your content on your website and if they have a good experience they’re going to remember you, they will come back and you’ll have an opportunity to earn their business.”

It’s interactions like these, as well as shares over social media, that can help the content on your site rank higher in searches, Fishkin says.

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