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Month: February 2014

Four Simple Ways to Find Customers

Finding new customers is never easy, so we have 4 great ways of finding new business in this blog by, Brad Sugars!  Check it out and see what you can apply to finding your new clients! Thanks! -Carlos For new business owners, finding customers is job No. 1. Here’s how to get the job done. […]

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What You Don’t Know About SEO

For anyone out there with questions regarding SEO, this awesome blog from Entrepreneur.com, explains what you need to know regarding SEO! Thanks! -Carlos It’s essential to understand SEO before you spend thousands hiring consultants you may not even need. Search engine optimization–the canny use of keywords and other techniques designed to shoot a website to […]

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The Basics of Branding

You may have heard us mention BRANDING a time or two.  Branding is something that we feel very strong about when it comes to marketing any company.  So we have this great blog by, John Williams, that explains exactly what the term “branding” means!  Once you get a better feel on what all branding can […]

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