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The Stupid Way Rap Genius Got Burned by Google

Happy New Years to all!  We hope that everyone had a great 2013 and that 2014 will be even better!  So we want to start you off with a what not to do from, Jason Fell!  It takes a lot of work in SEO to get your site to the top of the list, but it does not take much to get yourself into trouble!  So check this out and tomorrow we will have a blog on how to fix the problem if you do get busted!

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Thanks! -Carlos

If you try to game Google, you’re bound to get burned. Such is the case with Rap Genius, a site that hosts and explains lyrics to songs and copy from other texts.

In an attempt to rank higher in Google search, the site solicited bloggers to link to Rap Genius pages in exchange for exposure via Rap Genius’ social media channels. While Google generally views backlinks from reputable sites as a positive ranking factor, paying for backlinks is commonly considered an unacceptable SEO strategy.

Rap ineptitude, one might say.

Even though the site has issued an apology, Google’s actions were swift: it removed the Rap Genius website from all Google searches. Traffic to the Rap Genius site has plummeted from about 700,000 uniques a day to less than 200,000, according to Quantcast.

While getting notified by Google that your website is in violation of its quality guidelines can be a frightening thing for many business owners, you can repair damage any damage that has been done.

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