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Trust, Fairness, Respect: Qualities of a Good Boss and a Great Leader (Infographic)

Happy Monday to all!  Today we have a blog by, Andrea Huspeni!  Even though this may not apply to every boss or owner, there are some great helpful tips provided that may help you keep your employees happy and productive!  Hope that this helps!

Thanks! -Carlos

From interns to CEOs, leadership skills are paramount, no matter if you’re trying to get ahead or inspire employees.

One in five employees ranked trust as the most important factor for a boss-employee relationship, followed by respect and patience, according to data compiled by Malibu, Calif.’s Pepperdine University.

While having a strong relationship with employees bodes well with company culture, it also helps with productivity. According to the findings, 71 percent of employees aren’t working to their full potential, with the main reason being a tense relationship with their boss. Of those slacking on the job, 60 percent stated they would work harder if their relationship with their boss improved.

Want to raise your own leadership quotient? Check out the Infographic below for tips to consider and management flubs to avoid:

Andrea Huspeni is an assistant editor at She’s written about startups, technology, small businesses and entrepreneurs for PandoDaily and Business Insider. She currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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