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Not Top Dog? 4 Ways to Project a Bigger Brand

For today’s blog we have a great one from, Prerna Gupta.  I really liked this blog because it fits in with what we do here at Infinity Marketing.  We are here to help you fit in with the big dogs of your field.  So please read on and check out a few free tips to help you build your brand!  Then go back and see how we can save you money by helping you out even more with our Customer Appreciation Sale!

Thanks and have a great weekend! -Carlos

Q: How can I make my startup seem more legitimate and reputable? I want to be able to compete with the big guys and appear larger than I am. – Will Caldwell 

A:The first step to appearing bigger than you are is to project confidence.

If you believe in your company’s long-term vision and potential for growth, that confidence will come through in your conversations with partners. Your own confidence in your company’s ability to handle large contracts will help give your potential customers confidence too.

Here are four ways legitimize your brand and compete with the big dogs:

1. Prioritize good design. If you have a business-to-business, or B2B, company, then this most likely means you should focus on having a clean and professional-looking website. Anyone business that’s considering giving you a contract will visit your website and make a snap judgment about the dependability of your company based primarily on how polished your website appears.

This all comes down to finding a designer that understands the latest trends and has the talent and experience to execute on them. You also need to have a clear vision of the image you want to project, and be able to communicate that to the designer you select.

2. Know your pitch. As an entrepreneur, you are always pitching to investors — and even more often, to customers. Craft a concise and compelling pitch, and practice it again and again. The better you know your routine, the more effective you’ll be at convincing others to buy in.

3. Get press coverage. Articles in reputable blogs, newspapers or magazines will give your company immediate credibility. Of course, there is always a chicken-and-egg problem for early-stage startups trying to get media attention. It can be difficult to get journalists to pay attention when you are just starting out.

Focus on finding journalists who cover trends in your industry, and use steps one and two above to sell them on your company. It will probably take some time, but with perseverance, you will eventually get a few of them to write. Of course, anytime you get media coverage, link back to it from your snazzy website.

4. Build references. As you grow, maintain a network of references you can use to close more deals. Even if you start with smaller companies as references, having a few happy customers who are willing to wax enthusiastic about your services or product to larger potential clients will be invaluable.

As CEO, Prerna Gupta has overseen the growth of Khush’s flagship product, LaDiDa, which has received over 2 million downloads and led the company to profitability. Gupta also produced viral videos for LaDiDa receiving over 100 million views. She studied Economics and Computer Science at Stanford University and worked on marketing strategy at Monitor Group and early-stage deal sourcing at Summit Partners before making the move to entrepreneurship. She was named one of FastCompany’s Most Influential Women in Tech 2010. 

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