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5 Reasons Visitors Aren’t Joining Your Mailing List

Are you getting the ROI from your email marketing? This is a great refresher course for getting results and building your list from Crystal Gouldey, an Education Marketing Associate at AWeber.


There are plenty of statistics that support email marketing. This year, the Direct Marketing Association puts email marketing’s ROI at $40.56 for every $1 invested.

Econsultancy ran a survey and found 72% of the respondents described email’s ROI as excellent or good. And in Datran Media’s 2010 Annual Marketing & Media Survey, 39.4% of industry executives picked email as the strongest advertising channel.

So, you know email works. But what if you aren’t getting a lot of subscribers? How will you achieve the results that so many others are swearing by?

Here’s a list of the top five reasons people may be shying away from your list.

1. No Expectations

If visitors aren’t sure what you’re offering, they may not sign up. Answer these questions on the sign up form:

  • How often can they expect your emails?
  • What do they look like (format, design, etc.)?
  • What kind of content do you send?

If visitors are well-informed about what you have to offer, you’ll get the right people signing up.

2. Privacy Concerns

Sharing personal information requires trust. Help earn visitors’ trust by including your privacy policy. Make it clear that you will not share their information with anyone else, and if you’re asking for more than name and email, state why you are asking for specific information.

You can also include a counter displaying the number of subscribers you have. Social proof can help ease those still on the fence.

3. Too Many Questions

If your form is asking for everything from postal address to interests, people will balk at the size of the form. Long forms take time to fill out, and they may require information people aren’t comfortable sharing.

Take a look at your form and make sure that every question has a purpose. If you need to know subscribers’ location, ask for state or other general area. Provide age ranges to choose from instead of specific ones. You can learn a lot about subscribers while at the same time not scaring them off.

4. Lack of Incentive

Sometimes, the promise of the emails themselves can be a good enough incentive. However, if you are a new business or just getting started with email marketing, you may need to provide a little more detail. You don’t want people to sign up and leave immediately afterwards, so make sure the incentive emphasizes why they should be on your mailing list.

Are you helping them solve something or learn something new? How are your emails different from the content on your website? Answer these questions and include a sample email to look at.

5. Frequency Concerns

Daily emails sound like a lot to the already crowded inbox owner. You want to be up-front with subscribers, but they may not like what they see. If you’re pitching daily emails, you might want to scale back at first.

Experiment with weekly or biweekly emails and see how that goes. Once you gain a strong following, you can survey subscribers on how they’d feel about more emails and go from there.

As long as you address these five issues, you’ll be set to attract the right subscribers to your mailing list. With the obstacles out of the way, you can start seeing the ROI you’ve been hearing so much about.

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