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Month: April 2012

7 Tips for Naming Your Business

This is a hot topic with a lot of our new clients. What’s in a name? Everything! Sometimes our clients will go with a more practical name over the one they originally had their mind set on. Remember if you pick a name that just doesn’t work it could cost hundreds and quite possibly thousands […]

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How to Evaluate Your Marketing Effectiveness: 3 Key Areas for Success

Today’s article comes from blogtrepreneur.com. Author Matthew Toren is an Award Winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Investor. If you enjoy this article consider picking up his book  Small Business, Big Vision: “Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right”. Have a great weekend! -Carlos Marketing can sometimes feel like a nerve-racking gamble […]

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Why Nice People Will Sabotage You

Today’s blog post comes from Kevin Daum, an Inc. 500 entrepreneur with a more than $1 billion sales and marketing track record. I thought that this was truly an insightful article. Maybe next time think twice about being nice when you should be honest. On the other hand maybe it’s a good idea to be open […]

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How small companies can instantly court Goliaths

This article comes from Fortune magazine and author Elaine Pofeldt. As a business who started out as solely a web design and development firm for small business, we know the truth behind this article. Great insights if you have been thinking about new avenues to market your goods & services. -Carlos The expansion of business-to-business sites has, in […]

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Six Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

Today’s blog post comes from Entrepreneur.com and author AJ Kumar. AJ  is co-founder of Single Grain, a digital marketing agency based in San Francisco. A great way to start out your week with those creative juices flowing. Have a great week! -Carlos Online marketers are often talking about creating “viral” content — and with good reason. Because viral content […]

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